The big blind

A PR picture showing off the Luxaflex Duette Shades
You need a really good quality blind if you want a single one to cover a nearly 3m x 2m window and work day in, day out. So we were pleased to discover Luxaflex Duette Shades (from £64). They’re made from a double pleat of lightweight fabric, stuck together to form a honeycomb structure that traps a layer of air to insulate the window.

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With conventional single-glazed windows, these clever Luxaflex blinds are said to save around 20% on household heating bills. Of course, with our triple-glazed windows they’ll only make a slight improvement, but every little helps!

Our blind is literally green. The local showroom had a huge array of colour options, even for the blackout option that we wanted, so we found one that matched our d├ęcor beautifully. The cord seems over-long when the blind is open, but otherwise it’s hard to fault – it was made to measure precisely, easy to fit, works well and then practically disappears when we’re not using it. Despite having a drop of nearly 2m, it only takes up a couple of inches when open, blocking none of the glass. 


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