Splashing out less

Clever click - a mixer tap that saves 50% water
An eco shower was one thing, but how else could we save water in the wetroom? According to research by Ideal Standard, we each use around 150 litres of water a day, mostly in the bathroom, and nearly a third of it runs straight into the drain without even being used.

We were committed to turning the tap off while brushing our teeth. But what else could we do? Click on read more…

I couldn’t find any especially green bathroom suites. Getting one from Freecycle was an option. But a modern WC has the advantage of a dual flush, so instead of wasting up to 11 litres of water with every flush it uses less than 4 litres for number ones and less than 6 litres for number twos.

We plumped for a compact water-saving WC and basin from the Ideal Standard Space range and then found they also offered an excellent eco accessory. The Ceramix washbasin mixer (£128 including pop-up waste) is a contemporary mixer tap with a trick up its sleeve. It helps you save water by restricting the flow to 50%. Push the handle up further, until it clicks, and you get 100% flow. But truth be told, whether you’re washing your hands or brushing your teeth, 50% is usually enough.

We’ve found that the tap has changed our family’s water use already. The tap only gets pushed past the click if we’re filling a glass of water. It’s even making us think more about how we use other taps in the house. A good start when it comes to trying to cut down that 150-litre a day water habit…